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Introduction to Roger Dubuis Watches

When you step into the realm of horology, you’re entering a world where time isn’t just measured but celebrated. In this extraordinary world, one brand that I, as an avid watch enthusiast, cannot help but admire is Roger Dubuis. Nestled within the Swiss valleys, this watchmaker is known for their bold designs, unrivaled craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication to innovation.

History of Roger Dubuis

The Early Days

Behind every luxury brand, there’s an extraordinary story. The saga of Roger Dubuis began in the early 1990s when two visionaries crossed paths. One was Roger Dubuis, a talented watchmaker with an extensive career at Patek Philippe. The other was Carlos Dias, a charismatic entrepreneur. Together, they dared to dream of creating timepieces that broke the mold.

Formation of the Brand

Their dreams took shape in 1995 when they launched their brand, “Roger Dubuis SA.” From the start, their mission was clear — to blend traditional watchmaking craftsmanship with modern innovation. The result? Timepieces that are exquisite, reliable, and truly unique.

Entering the High Horology Scene

In less than a decade, Roger Dubuis made its way to the high horology scene. Its watches became a symbol of both precision and creativity, earning recognition and praise from watch enthusiasts worldwide.

Unique Features of Roger Dubuis Watches

Quality and Precision

What sets Roger Dubuis apart is the quality and precision of its watches. Every timepiece is stamped with the Geneva Seal. This prestigious certification assures that the timepiece complies with the strict standards of Swiss watchmaking, covering everything from the movement’s design to its timekeeping accuracy.

Aesthetic Excellence

From the outside, Roger Dubuis watches are works of art. They don’t just tell time; they flaunt their mechanical marvels through exquisite designs. Be it the daring skeleton dials or the ornate guilloché patterns, every detail is meticulously crafted and embodies the brand’s ethos — avant-garde aesthetics combined with traditional craftsmanship.

Limited Editions

The uniqueness of Roger Dubuis extends to its limited editions. These watches, released in small quantities each year, become sought-after collectibles. Each edition is a testament to the brand’s innovative spirit, pushing the boundaries of design and engineering.

Innovation and Creativity

Roger Dubuis isn’t just about luxury; it’s about redefining luxury. The brand’s ceaseless innovation and creativity, evident in its unique complications and design aesthetics, set it apart in the luxury watch industry.

Various Collections of Roger Dubuis


Excalibur, the brand’s flagship collection, is a favorite among watch enthusiasts like me. The collection, renowned for its avant-garde designs and innovative complications, encapsulates the brand’s ethos in every piece.


For the ladies, there’s the Velvet collection. Combining technical mastery with feminine elegance, Velvet watches are the perfect accessory for modern women who appreciate high horology.


The Hommage collection pays tribute to the traditional art of watchmaking. It perfectly blends classic aesthetics with modern complications, resulting in timepieces that are both timeless and contemporary.

La Monegasque

Then there’s the La Monegasque collection, characterized by its unconventional shapes and vibrant designs. Inspired by the glamour and panache of Monaco, this collection exudes elegance and sophistication.

The Price Tag: Is It Worth It?

The Real Value of Luxury Watches

Roger Dubuis watches come with a hefty price tag, but what are you really paying for? You’re investing in decades of horological expertise, superior craftsmanship, innovation, and of course, the prestige of owning a Roger Dubuis. So, if you’re someone who values all these attributes, then yes, a Roger Dubuis watch is definitely worth every cent.

How to Maintain Roger Dubuis Watches

Professional Servicing

Like any precision instrument, your Roger Dubuis watch deserves the best care. Professional servicing, recommended every 3-5 years, can ensure its longevity and performance.

Self-Care Tips

In between professional servicing, it’s essential to follow self-care practices. Keep your watch away from chemicals, avoid extreme temperatures, and clean it with a soft cloth. If it’s water-resistant, ensure the crown is fully closed before exposing it to water.

Where to Buy Authentic Roger Dubuis Watches

The Importance of Authorized Dealers

Counterfeit luxury watches are a real problem. To ensure authenticity, it’s critical to buy your Roger Dubuis from authorized dealers or directly from their boutiques.

Roger Dubuis vs Other Luxury Brands

A Class of Its Own

When compared to other luxury brands, Roger Dubuis is indeed a class of its own. Its commitment to innovation, quality, and unique designs make it a favorite among watch enthusiasts seeking something extraordinary.


As an enthusiast and advisor, I would heartily recommend Roger Dubuis to anyone looking for a luxury timepiece that’s both a work of art and a marvel of horological engineering. They don’t just tell time; they make a statement about who you are and what you value.


1.How does Roger Dubuis stand out from other luxury watch brands?

Roger Dubuis stands out for its unique design language, innovative complications, and adherence to the stringent requirements of the Geneva Seal.

2.Is owning a Roger Dubuis watch a good investment?

While watches shouldn’t be primarily viewed as an investment, the rarity and exceptional craftsmanship of Roger Dubuis watches can indeed appreciate over time.

3.How often should I service my Roger Dubuis watch?

As a general rule, your Roger Dubuis watch should be serviced every 3-5 years, though this may vary based on model and wear.

4.Can I wear my Roger Dubuis watch daily?

Yes, Roger Dubuis watches are built to be worn. However, like all luxury watches, they should be treated with care and regularly maintained.

5.Where can I buy a genuine Roger Dubuis watch?

To guarantee authenticity, buy from authorized dealers or directly from Roger Dubuis boutiques.

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